McKenzie Magic

We call this trip “magic” because it will transport you to an enchanting world! The sparkling waters of the McKenzie River are so clear, the light seems to come up from the riverbed itself. This continuously active river tumbles though a vibrant green, old growth forest with conifers, moss and ferns. Prepare to be captivated!

We offer multiple pick up locations for the McKenzie Magic trip, including Bend and Sisters . The McKenzie Magic is also convenient to the Willamette Valley.

The McKenzie River is a glimmering jewel set in the majestic Cascade Mountains, and our McKenzie Magic whitewater trip highlights both the bubbling water and the deep forest scenery. A delicious, deli-style lunch is included mid-way through the trip. The McKenzie Magic is especially convenient to resorts in Sisters, Oregon, as well as the Willamette Valley. Guests from the valley may join us at the put in.

Because the McKenzie is fed by melting snow from the peaks of the Cascade Mountains, the water is pure, but can also be chilly. Dressing appropriately for the McKenzie Magic Half Day is crucial. On warm days, shorts and tops made of synthetic, technical fabrics––not cotton––that wick moisture, as well as athletic shoes or river sandals may be enough. For cooler weather, long pants, sweaters and maybe a vest are appropriate. Regardless of the weather, wool or synthetic socks and a hat can be a good idea, and can be easily left in the shuttle van if it’s a warm day. Sun Country Tours provides Splash Suits, which help resist water and wind, at no additional charge for the McKenzie Magic trip.